Love Bites Love Bites: Club Arak Club Arak; how Arab-Australians reclaimed their music,
culture and sexuality, by moving from their secret lounge rooms
to the dance floors of Sydney.
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Queer For Short Queer For Short:
Concern For Welfare
Ali is a gay Lebanese probationary constable and kicking
against her Muslim brother’s controlling behaviour.
When she attends a ‘concern for welfare’
and discovers the body of an elderly man
who died alone and unnoticed, she realises the value
of a loving family, even if they can be misguided.
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Boss Ladies BOSS LADIES Boss Ladies is a web series based around
two friends and shop owners,
Frida Deguise and Sheryne Sayed,
looking to make their fortune.
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Club Arak Club Arak® Club Arak® is a Sydney institution that was
established in 2002. It has broken new ground
in the Sydney dance scene, creating a new buzz and groove.
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Lesbanese Le[s]banese Le[s]banese is a one-of-a-kind
documentary exploring the lives
of lesbians in Lebanon.
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